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My Two Lovers

Falling in love with objects is a thing. You probably already know about that small percentage of us who have ‘very strong’, okay, well, obsessive tendencies with inanimate objects, and who actually form relationships with them. I swear this is true. There’s Amy Wolfe, a church organist, who married an 80-foot magic carpet-themed ride in America. She seems happy enough!? (Google it.) And Lee Jin-Guyu from South Korea who married his body pillow (ewww). Who could forget Nathaniel from TLC’s My Strange Addiction, who fell in love with his car and started doing rather disturbing things to it? We’ll just stop this right here… I can honestly say I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE; however, I do love writing. And I am obsessed with notebooks (but not in a creeeepy way – I promise).

My love affair with notebooks and writing things down started early in life, even though at times I struggled to read my own handwriting – and still do. My lazy, haphazard style of scribbling just couldn’t keep up with the speed of my intense and fairly animated thoughts. And though I was never the type to keep a diary, I still loved how putting pen to paper not only helped me remember things, but it actually made me feel better.

I began writing short stories in high school about life at high school, followed by monologues and cheesy fandom scripts for TV shows and movies I was besotted with at the time. Whatever was going on around me, inspired me to write. A breakup. My dog dying. An argument with a friend. But it always had to have some dramatic hook to it, and if it didn’t, well, I’d just make one up, of course! Inspiration would come at the most precarious and unpredictable times. A thought, a sound, an unintentional look from a stranger would suddenly give me ideas for new characters, settings or even songs. I literally have dozens of old folders filled with lyrics on my shelf. (No pen writes more honestly than in the hands of a broken-hearted teenager!) Eventually, all of these different styles of ‘storytelling’ would lead me to what I love doing now – writing contemporary young adult fiction. It’s a genre I’ve always been fascinated with, and still am.

Before I started using notebooks, I used to write all of my stories in exercise books that I covered in clear contact paper, which would then annoyingly bubble up and never sit flush. At school, I was always envious and, honestly, kinda jealous of the kids who collaged their books with sporting heroes, music superstars and other mainstream stuff they related to . I never saw myself reflected in anything. Nothing resonated with me. I didn’t feel represented. For that reason, I felt inspired to create my own range of notebooks, which would celebrate inclusion, diversity, ignite conversations, and give a voice to those who didn’t always have one.

Not only did I want my notebooks to look great (thanks @mhaering for the amazing illustrations) and be purposeful, they had to say something great too. Which is why each cover has been thought about carefully and designed with love to stand out and make a statement… some a little more obvious than others.

If you believe we are all entitled to walk this wild and unpredictable planet with ease and respect, then my notebooks are for you. If you are kind, especially to those whose road is yet to be paved with the same privilege as everyone else, then my notebooks are definitely for you. And if you’re a free-thinker who stands up for equality and is against bullying, racism, body shaming and homophobia, you are my sort of human being and the reason why I created these notebooks; they are absolutely for you.

Together we can make the world a better place, one notebook at a time.

So, now you know about my two lovers – writing and notebooks. I spend a lot of time with both of them and give them equal amounts of love and attention, but I swear I’m not in love with them! You can purchase my notebooks from the SHOP on this website right now. As for the writing – you’re in the right place for that too. Coming soon I’ll have more news about my first YA novel. If you’re interested, please sign up for my newsletter so we can stay in touch, and please follow my socials so us like-minded people can stick together.

Writer: Matthew John Fraser

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